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The Hill: If we don’t listen to Gabby Giffords, who should we listen to?

The Hill’s Pundits Blog writes:

I have to confess I watched not only former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’s short, moving testimony Wednesday but also watched her making her way into the hearing room and leaving after she spoke.

Accompanied by her husband, Capt. Mike Kelly, she walked carefully and deliberately, step by step, working her way past senators and staff who watched as she smiled at them, gave some hugs, gave others a kiss on the cheek. Silence does not begin to describe that room.


In just over 60 seconds she told the senators and the crowd that they needed to have courage, they needed to act, they needed to step up.  She talked about the children and she read from a lined piece of notebook paper, not unlike what would have been on top of their little desks.

She read slowly, haltingly, yet with emotion and strength.  You had to tear up when you felt her empathy and her pain and her struggle.  What she said with those few words was a triumph of the human spirit.  She should be listened to, and the senators should answer her call. The country owes her that much.

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