Update: ARS Makes Further Ad Buys in Colorado Recall Elections

Sept. 5, 2013

Following an initial ad buy in August, Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) launched two new television ads this week in support of Colorado state senators being targeted in gun lobby-backed recall elections. The network and cable ad buys are in the Colorado Springs media market.

The first ad, thirty seconds in length, details the work of State Senator Angela Giron (Senate District-3) in passing legislation to provide school breakfasts for students from low-income families.

Ad transcript follows:


Soon, children from struggling families can get a free breakfast at their school. 

It’s the work of Pueblo’s Angela Giron. She did it because Angela Giron believes everyone deserves a fair chance. Especially our children. 

The new law could help as many of 80,000 children throughout Colorado, without raising taxes. 

Everyone knows hungry kids can’t learn. Angela Giron actually did something about it. 

Vote no on recall. We need common-sense legislators like Angela Giron.

The second ad, also thirty seconds, is in support of State Senate President John Morse (Senate District-11) and highlights Morse’s record as a law enforcement officer and his efforts to improve school safety.

Ad transcript follows:

Narrator: When fears were rising about the safety of Colorado’s schools, John Morse stepped in. He brought together Republicans and Democrats to help protect kids and keep them safe.

Man 1: John Morse made it happen.

Man 2: He got it done.

Narrator: John Morse, a police officer for 13 years, a former police chief. 

Man 3: The guy was cop, he gets it.

Mom holding child: These outside groups saying all of these negative things, it’s not true.

Man 3: They don’t know what he’s done to help the people around here.

Narrator: He puts us first. Vote no on recall.

Woman 1: My kids are safer because John Morse represents us.

ARS previously announced a six-figure network and cable ad buy in the Colorado Springs, Colo. media market in support of Morse:

WASHINGTON – As the Sept. 10 date for the NRA-backed recall election of Colorado State Senate President John Morse draws closer, Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) today announced a six-figure network and cable ad buy in the Colorado Springs, Colo. media market.

The ad, “Fighting For Us,” began airing this morning. State Senator Morse led the effort earlier this year in the Colorado legislature to pass expanded background checks for gun purchases.

“State Senate President Morse, a gun owner and former police chief, led the fight to expand background checks in Colorado, a policy that at least 80% of residents support,” said ARS Executive Director Pia Carusone. “Regularly held elections are how we resolve policy disputes in America — not through expensive “recall” elections. The gun lobby is attempting to incite fear for its own political gain. It’s wrong, and I think Coloradans will see this bullying for what it is.”

Ad transcript follows: “Fighting For Us” (:30)

Katie’s Law.

It helps police use DNA technology to track down child molesters.

John Morse made it happen in Colorado.

Judy: “Keeping kids safe. Keeping the community safe. That’s a top priority for John.”

Kristen: “My children’s safety and my family are his number one priority.”

A police officer for 13 years. A former police chief.

John: “He’s a man of principle.”

Judy: “He gets it.”

Kristen: “We need more people like John looking out for us.”

Vote No on Recall. Keep John Morse fighting for us.