Capt. Mark Kelly Statement on Failed Veto Override In Missouri State Senate of So-Called “Second Amendment Protection Act”

Captain Mark Kelly, co-founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions, made the following statement after the failed veto override in the Missouri State Senate of the so-called “Second Amendment Preservation Act” during today’s special legislative session:

“Tonight the Missouri Senate did the right thing by rejecting an extreme and unconstitutional attempt to nullify federal gun laws. The radical and inaccurately named ‘Second Amendment Protection Act’ would have ended background checks in Missouri, allowed unregulated ownership of machine guns, and sanctioned the arrest of law enforcement men and women for trying to stop criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from acquiring firearms. The over 1,500 members of our organization that spoke out against this law know that gun ownership is an American right and tradition that must be protected, but a sacred right must be exercised responsibly.”

More than 1,500 Missouri residents have signed a petition circulated by Americans for Responsible Solutions that urges the Missouri Legislature to abandon its efforts to override the Governor’s veto.

Across the country, ARS is working in local communities to build an organization with millions of people committed to finding sensible ways to reduce gun violence and encouraging elected officials to enact responsible firearms policies that protect the Second Amendment. Today, ARS stands more than 500,000 strong.


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