ARS PAC Statement on Mark Herring Victory

Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC – founded by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and retired combat veteran and astronaut Capt. Mark Kelly – released a statement today after Virginia Republican attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain conceded in the race against Democratic State Sen. Mark Herring, who favored responsible gun ownership policies.

“We congratulate Attorney General-elect Mark Herring on his win and we commend him for supporting sensible policies to promote responsible gun ownership, something a majority of Virginians agree on,” said Pia Carusone, Executive Director of Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC. “Virginia’s next Attorney General is an example of a leader who is willing to stand up for the Second Amendment while believing there is more we can do to protect our communities.  In the backyard of the gun lobby, Herring was able to hold Obenshain accountable for his dangerous policies regarding public safety and that’s something others should take note of today.”

Attorney General-elect Herring offered a drumbeat of support for gun violence prevention policies like universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, and keeping guns out of schools.  When his opponent opted to join a gun auction hosted by the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) selling the same gun model used in the Virginia Tech massacre, Herring told reporters: “He stands with the gun auction in Blacksburg today, and I stand for saying enough is enough:  we’ve got to keep guns out of the hands of the criminals and the dangerously mentally ill.” []

ARS PAC demonstrated through a deliberate and targeted program that highlighting gun violence prevention as an issue by candidates can be effective and key to winning among independent voters.

ARS PAC’s $600,000 Virginia Electoral Program Highlights:

•   Targeted mail program to 144,479 registered voters and 66,370 households in the race for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general;

•   Launched the website to give Virginia voters the facts;

•   Telephone Town Hall with Capt. Mark Kelly and 7,000 likely voters;

•   Recorded call from Capt. Mark Kelly to 66,370 households inviting them to learn more about the gubernatorial candidates;

•   Targeted online advertising to 189,000 registered voters urging them to “Get Out The Vote” on Election Day;

•   Targeted online persuasion media to 144,479 registered voters and 66,370 households