Press Release

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Congressman John Lewis, & Former Governor Ed Rendell Lead “Vocal Majority” Campaign Rally to Pledge to Vote to Reduce Gun Violence in November, Call for Action to Save Lives

July 26, 2016—Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the Co-Founder of the gun violence prevention organization Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC (ARS PAC), rallied with Congressman John Lewis, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, other elected leaders, supporters of CeaseFirePA, Mothers In Charge, and hundreds of activists today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to pledge to vote for gun violence prevention in November and call on elected leaders to do more to keep guns out of dangerous hands and save lives.

The “Vocal Majority” rally, which was organized by Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, CeaseFirePA, and Mothers in Charge, is the first of many ARS PAC-planned “Vocal Majority” campaign eventsurging voters across America to support leaders up and down the ballot who are committed to responsible steps that reduce gun violence, and to make 2016 a referendum on gun violence prevention. Speakers at the rally urged attendees to fill out “Vocal Majority” pledge cards, committing them to vote for pro-gun-violence-prevention candidates in November.

“Stopping gun violence takes courage – the courage to do what’s right, and the courage of new ideas. I’ve seen great courage when my life was on the line,” said Congresswoman Giffords in her speech at this morning’s event. “Now is the time to come together – to be responsible! Democrats, Republicans – everyone.”

“We will keep fighting, and we will not stop until we see major changes in America to stem gun violence,” said Congressman John Lewis. “This election is a referendum on gun violence prevention. The time for silence is over. We know we’re in the majority; now we have to be a Vocal Majority. That means making your voice heard, that means fighting the gun lobby, that means voting, and that’s going to mean winning in November.”

“This November, Americans can vote to do something about the gun violence that is tearing our communities apart,” said former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. “If you care about fighting gun violence, then you need to head to the polls and cast your ballot for candidates who are committed to responsible steps that reduce gun violence. Today’s rally shows the energy behind the Vocal Majority. Americans are ready to stand up and speak out.”

Members of Congress stood by leaders from CeasefirePA and Mothers In Charge, along with Aleida Garcia from the National Homicide Justice Alliance, and Wayne Lipscomb, mother of fallen Officer Moses Walker. They took the stage to show how the huge majority of Americans—the Vocal Majority—support responsible change to reduce gun violence and save lives.

“Our country is in the grips of a gun violence crisis, and it’s up to us to be catalysts for change,” said Shira Goodman, Executive Director of CeaseFirePA. “Each tragedy is a fresh, painful reminder of the need for action from our elected officials. And this year, Americans refuse to be silent. A huge majority of Americans support commonsense gun laws, and we will keep fighting to ignite The Vocal Majority.”

“American voters are demanding to know where their candidates for elected office stand on the issues that impact the safety of their children and families,” said Dorothy Johnson-Speight, founder and executive director of Mothers In Charge. “Too many communities across the country have been affected by gun violence. We’re putting our elected leaders on notice: The Mothers of Mothers In Charge along with the Vocal Majority is standing up and calling for change this November.”