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  • The Fix NICS Act of 2017 is a new, bipartisan bill to strengthen background check records reporting. This proposal strengthens our laws and moves us forward. With the great magnitude gun violence we face, there is still a lot more to do and a long fight ahead, but we thank Senator Murphy and Senator Cornyn for their courage to work across party lines to introduce legislation that will improve public safety.


The Tehama County shooting that happened last Tuesday began as a domestic violence homicide:

  • California Shooter Built His Own Illegal Guns: Two of the guns used in the Tehama County mass shooting on Tuesday were homemade, while the other two were not registered to the shooter, officials said. There was also a restraining order issued issued in February that prohibited the shooter from owning guns. The gunman went on a shooting rampage Tuesday morning, killing four people and wounding 10 others, including at least two children.

  • Rancho Tehama Gunman Tried to Shoot His Way Into Elementary SchoolAssistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told local press that the shooting “could have been so much worse if it wasn’t for the quick thinking [of] staff at our elementary school…He couldn’t make access to any of the rooms; they were locked.” School security experts have told The Trace that the kind of practices adopted by Rancho Tehama Elementary School provide a better measure of security than armed guards. “There’s deterrence, and there’s defense,” John White, a school security consultant, said in a 2015 interview. “Guns provide defense, not deterrence. They don’t make a facility any more secure.”

  • The Sutherland Springs shooting brought the term “prohibited purchaser” into regular conversation. What does it mean? Giffords Law Center has more.



  • Legal & Lethal: New Giffords report details how the gun industry is marketing workaround products that skirt federal gun laws. We’re working to prevent the next tragedy by bringing attention to other dangerous devices. Check out an overview of our report in The Hill.

  • NEW POLL from Quinnipiac shows OVERWHELMING support for background checks on all gun sales.

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  • Report Finds US TV Coverage of Las Vegas Attack Ignored Gun Violence Solutions: Despite intense television news coverage of mass shootings, the vast majority of segments about the Las Vegas attack included no discussion of gun policy or other solutions to America’s gun violence crisis, according to a new report from a Media Matters for America. An analysis of evening and Sunday news shows on three major networks found that major news coverage of the attack on 1 October lasted only a week. And only a handful of segments during the first five days after the shooting included any discussion of gun policy or solutions.

  • Concealed Carry of Firearms: Facts vs. Fiction: A new policy brief from Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research addresses a number of arguments in support of right-to-carry laws, and concealed carry reciprocity in particular. The policy brief corrects these assumptions, and puts forward eight conclusions supported by public health research.


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