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SUNDAY NIGHT: 60 Minutes to Discuss Concealed Carry Reciprocity

On this Sunday night’s edition of 60 Minutes, Steve Kroft will take a look at the pros and cons of the dangerous concealed carry reciprocity bill that the U.S. Senate could soon make law. Executive Director of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Robyn Thomas, will share her views as part of the segment.

Sunday Night — February 11, 2018
7:00 PM ET on your local CBS Station

 Check out our fact sheet on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act if you need a refresher on the bill and why it’s so dangerous. Here are 7 myths about concealed carry reciprocity the gun lobby wants you to believe — and why you shouldn’t fall for any of them.


  • Washington Post | ‘Please keep kids safe from guns’: How Trump replied to a 7-year-old’s anguished letter: Ava Olsen was on the playground with other first-graders during a 2016 school shooting in Townville, S.C., that took the life of Jacob Hall, 6. She is now home-schooled because of her PTSD.

  • New York Times | States and Cities Are Taking the Lead on Bump Stock Bans: With the push to ban bump stocks stalled at the federal level, a handful of states—like MA and NJ—and even some cities are moving ahead with regulations of their own.

  • The Hill | ATF flooded with comments opposing regulation of bump stocks: “If you actually look at the request ATF put out — and the questions they asked — this was structured toward the industry,” said David Chipman, a senior policy adviser at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and retired ATF agent. … “What we would rather do is see the [proposed] regulation. We want Congress to have the courage to act.”

  • The New York Times | When a Gun Maker Proposed Gun Control: In 1989, William B. Ruger Sr., the co-founder of the gun maker Sturm, Ruger & Company,  proposed a ban on high-capacity magazines, which led a smaller rival to call Sturm, Ruger “the Benedict Arnold of the gun industry.

  • Politico | Voting record — or lack of one — could tip scales in race for Frelinghuysen seatNJ Assemblyman Jay Webber is a gun rights supporter and has voted against a slew of Democratic bills over the years, including legislation that would have limited the maximum allowed capacity of ammunition magazines and a ban on sales of the powerful .50 caliber rifle. However, he was was one of just four Republicans who voted to override former Gov. Chris Christie’s 2015 veto of an uncontroversial gun control bill the Legislature had overwhelmingly approved.

  • NPR | After A Vow To End ‘This American Carnage,’ A Year Of Deadly ViolencePresident Trump took office in January, vowing in a dark-toned inaugural to end what he described as “this American carnage” fueled by gangs, drugs and street violence. America did see historic carnage in 2017, but critics say it had far less to do with gangs and drugs than with disturbed individuals with easy access to firearms.

  • Associated Press | Senator Seeks Documents on Russia Money Links to the NRAIn letters sent to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the NRA on Friday, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon requested any documents showing financial links between Russia and the gun lobbying organization.

  • Fox 25 Boston News | Law enforcement: So-called ghost guns are ‘troubling trend’: People are bypassing background checks to build their own powerful military assault-style rifles — and it’s all legal. But here’s the difference: there’s no serial number, no identification needed, no background checks and it can be built at home.

  • Media Matters | NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch threatens to burn copy of The New York Times in latest inflammatory video: “You know, I don’t even have to do this. You guys are doing a good enough job burning down your reputations all by yourselves.”


  • Daily Record | Put gun safety above partisan leanings“The writing is on the wall for members of Congress who have put gun lobby interests ahead of those of their constituents. It’s time to step down or risk being trounced by gun safety challengers.”

  • LA Times | American guns are killing our neighbors in Canada and MexicoA new report from the Center for American Progress analyzed data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and found that 70% of the crime guns recovered and traced in Mexico, and 98% of crime guns in Canada originate in the U.S.

  • The New York Times | What if Donald Trump Really Cared About Women’s Safety?: Nearly half of women and girls killed in the United States are the victims of a current or former romantic partner, and in most cases, the weapon is a gun.

  • Hello Giggles | The legal definition of “domestic violence” seriously needs to change — especially in gun laws: 80% of intimate partner violence occurs between boyfriends and girlfriends—a major reason why our domestic violence gun safety laws need to be rewritten to close the boyfriend loophole.

  • Daily News | The Russification of the NRA: New revelations come to light every day about the degree and depth of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. One recent bombshell: The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Russia tried to help elect President Trump by funneling money through the National Rifle Association.

  • NBC – Think | Communities traumatized by gun violence need mental health care, not more copsViolence in Chicago is a symptom of two things: The systemic neglect of communities of color; and a lack of economic, educational and health — physical and mental — resources. That’s not the conversation that politicians (most of whom have no real interest in providing solutions to gun violence or inadequate mental health care) seek to have after any headline-grabbing mass shooting.



  • Alaska | An open letter on gun violence to all lawmakers, state and national“We want you to do something, or try something, instead of doing absolutely nothing. Please, I am begging all of you, you are in a position to help and to lead, and if you don’t, the problem will only get worse.”

  • Colorado | Op-doc: Colorado’s deadly gun violence, as told by its victimsThe Gun Violence Archive has recorded an average of seven mass shootings a week in 2017. Watch this op-doc about the effects of gun violence in CO, told by the victims of such mass shootings.

  • Connecticut | Federal bill would help violence-prevention programs like Sandy Hook PromiseThe work of a home-grown nonprofit that helps communities spot signs of school-based violence before it happens would be multiplied by similar federally funded programs, under a new bill proposed in Washington, D.C.

  • Florida | State Could Issue Gun Permits with Incomplete Background ChecksLawmakers are considering a proposal that would let people buy guns without having a completed background check. Buried near the end of 114-page bill by Sen. Kelly Stargel, a Lakeland Republican, is a provision that would give the Department of Agriculture 90 days to issue a permit after receiving a concealed-weapons application, even if the department has not acquired proof of restoration of the person’s civil and firearm rights.

  • Iowa | Proposals would further expand state gun rightsExpanded last year, Iowa gun laws would undergo more significant changes — including doing away with government permits to carry a weapon — under proposals that won support Thursday from Senate Republicans.

  • Kentucky | School Shooting In Kentucky Brings Gun Control Back To The Table: On Tuesday, Jan. 23, a 15-year-old male student opened fire at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky. 16 people were wounded during the horrific event, with two dying and four others sustaining various injuries. A grand jury will meet on Feb. 13 and prosecutors will start the process of charging the male shooter as an adult.

  • Maryland | Study: gun violence costs MD hundreds of millions of dollars: A new Giffords Law Center reportshowed gun violence here in Maryland costs taxpayers $294 million a year. To combat the problem, Del. Brooke Lierman is pushing a bill to invest $5 million to treat gun violence like a disease.

  • Massachusetts | A state gun bill that cannot wait (Opinion)“Right now in Massachusetts there is no way for family or law enforcement to temporarily remove a gun from someone in trouble. We have an opportunity to change that.”

  • New Jersey | Wall man, gun clubs, NRA seek to eliminate New Jersey’s carrying restrictions: A Wall man, a statewide association of gun clubs and the National Rifle Association are taking on New Jersey’s gun laws, asking a federal court to throw out the state’s restrictions on carrying handguns in a case they hope will reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • New York | Senate Democrats Introduce Package of Gun Safety Bills: State Senate Democratic leaders unveiled a series of bills Tuesday they said are intended to help combat gun violence, including prohibiting the possession of equipment such as bump stocks that increase the firing capacity for certain weapons like the one used in last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

  • North Carolina | More women applying for concealed carry, local law enforcement says: Recent mass shootings at schools and churches across the country are weighing heavy on the minds of Carolinians. Local law enforcement is seeing an increase of women, and people across all professions applying for a concealed carry permit. So if an active shooter situation were to occur, they’d be ready.

  • Oregon | Bill aims to toughen gun safety regulations: On Wednesday, Giffords Oregon Coalition members and local GVP advocates testified for HB 4145, a bill that would ban more people involved in domestic violence situations from owning firearms.

  • Texas | Texas cities can’t ban rapid-fire bump stocks used in Vegas mass shooting: With Congress slow to restrict bump stocks in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, cities in states from Colorado to Massachusetts are taking matters into their own hands. But gun safety advocates aren’t holding their breath for a ban in Texas, where state law prohibits municipalities from restricting firearms and supplies.


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