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Allison Anderman

Senior Counsel, Giffords Law Center
  • ERPO/Red Flag Laws
  • Guns in Public
  • Kids & Guns
  • Local Laws
  • State Laws

Allison Anderman, senior counsel, joined Giffords Law Center in 2014. Allison’s areas of expertise include helping cities and counties around the country enact effective local gun safety laws and passing extreme risk protection order legislation. Allison also writes Gun Law Trendwatch—Gifford Law Center’s roundup of state firearm legislation—and manages the legal content of the website.

Allison speaks at events around the country and has analyzed and debated gun laws on CNN, HuffPost Live, and many other news programs. Allison’s radio appearances include national NPR, KQED in San Francisco, and KCRW in Los Angeles. She has been quoted extensively in the press, including by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, and the Guardian.

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