Victory! Charmaine McGuffey’s Primary Romp in Sheriff’s Race a Win for Gun Safety

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In the fight against gun violence, sheriffs who understand what’s at stake can make a real difference. They are community leaders who are there for victims, families, and survivors going through the pain and trauma shootings inflict.

The very best sheriffs recognize that addressing this uniquely American crisis requires a community-based, inclusive approach. Charmaine McGuffey understands this better than anyone, which is why Giffords and my boss, Gabby, endorsed her for Hamilton County Sheriff in Ohio.

Going up against the incumbent sheriff—and her former boss—in the Democratic primary this week, Charmaine cruised to victory with nearly 70% of the vote. There are many reasons for this resounding win—Charmaine is an excellent candidate who cares about keeping Hamilton County’s citizens safe, and she has a proven record of engaging her community in law enforcement efforts.

As Gabby said in her statement, “Charmaine recognizes that addressing this gun violence epidemic requires more than a one-step approach. With a proven track record of engaging communities, she has the skills to better protect those she serves. She’s not afraid to call out the gun lobby and stand strong for lifesaving policies.”

As a former ATF agent, I know firsthand the role sheriffs can and must play to prevent gun violence. We need more law enforcement leaders like Charmaine McGuffey to run for office. When sheriffs work directly with their community to find solutions to gun violence, meaningful change is possible.

Charmaine McGuffey is a true law enforcement professional. She dedicated her life to serving her community in Cincinnati, Ohio. After starting her career as a police officer, she worked in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office for 33 years before retiring in 2017.

During her time in the sheriff’s office, she became the first woman in the history of the department to rise to the rank of Major in Command of Jail and Court Services, where she oversaw the third largest jail in the state.

Charmaine’s victory underscores the fact that this year isn’t just about electing a gun safety president. To win the fight to save lives, we need public servants at the local, state, and federal levels who are committed to ending the gun violence epidemic.

Congratulations on your primary victory, Charmaine. Now onto the general election!