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Lupe Valdez - TX Governor

Lupe Valdez

Governor Texas Democrat



About Lupe Valdez

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Sheriff Lupe Valdez believes the primary duty of Texas’ Governor is to ensure the safety of Texans. By this measure, Sheriff Valdez is far and away the best candidate for the job. As a gun owner and a member of the Giffords Law Enforcement Coalition, Sheriff Valdez knows we can keep our communities safe from gun violence by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people while still protecting our second amendment rights. Sheriff Valdez supports common sense gun laws, like universal background checks, and closing loopholes that allow convicted domestic abusers and other dangerous individuals to legally purchase firearms. We know the importance of including law enforcement in the gun violence prevention conversation and support Sheriff Valdez for Texas governor.

Texas deserves a governor who knows how to keep people safe. Let’s elect Lupe Valdez in November.