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Regulation of Unreasonably Dangerous Ammunition

Montana does not prohibit the possession, transfer or use of armor-piercing or other unreasonably dangerous ammunition. Montana does mandate a sentence enhancement for any conviction for a crime in which bodily injury was inflicted, attempted, or threatened by someone who knowingly used or carried a handgun loaded with armor-piercing ammunition, however.1 Federal law also regulates armor-piercing ammunition.

Montana does not:

  • Require a license for the sale of ammunition;
  • Require sellers of ammunition to maintain a record of the purchasers;
  • License persons who purchase or possess ammunition; or
  • Prohibit persons who are ineligible to purchase or possess firearms under state law from purchasing or possessing ammunition, although the federal ammunition purchaser prohibitions apply.

 See our Ammunition Regulation policy summary  for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

  1. Mont. Code Ann. § 46-18-224(1).[]