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In New Jersey, retail firearms dealers must include a trigger lock or a locked case, gun box, container or other secure facility with every handgun sold, unless the handgun is on the state list of approved personalized handguns.1 For further information about personalized handguns, see the section entitled Personalized & Owner-Authorized Firearms in New Jersey.

New Jersey has established the “KeepSafe” program, which provides that any person who purchases a firearm from a retail dealer is eligible for a five dollar instant rebate on the purchase of a trigger locking device compatible with the firearm purchased.2 In addition, the New Jersey State Police shall provide licensed retail firearms dealers with a sign “to be prominently displayed at a conspicuous place on the dealer’s business premises” which will state “substantially” the following:

For other measures related to locking devices, see the section entitled Child Access Prevention in New Jersey.

New Jersey does not require firearm owners to lock their weapons.

 See our Safe Storage policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

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