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Hawaii penalizes:

  • Any person who gives false information or offers false evidence of the person’s identity in complying with Hawaii’s gun permitting and registration laws;1
  • Any person who transfers a firearm without verifying that the transferee has obtained a permit to acquire a firearm, which may only be issued after a background check;2
  • Any person who acquires a firearm or brings a firearm into the state without registering it;3
  • Any person who possesses a firearm that is owned by another without a permit, except that any lawfully acquired rifle or shotgun may be lent to an adult for use within the state for up to fifteen days without a permit.4

See the Licensing of Gun Owners & Purchasers in Hawaii and Registration of Firearms in Hawaii pages for further information.

 See our Trafficking & Straw Purchasing policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

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