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Trump owes voters a real plan to reduce gun violence

Voters Are Demanding Leaders Prioritize Gun Violence Reduction
As gun violence soars and a record number of mass shootings dominate national news, recent polling found voters rate gun violence as a top-three issue. One-third of voters say gun violence is the most important issue that Congress should focus on—more than abortion, immigration, crime, or health care (all issues which any standard campaign would be expected to address in a concrete plan).

And to be clear, unlike the other issues named above, voters are remarkably united behind solutions to gun violence. More than three-fourths of voters support top GIFFORDS priorities, including universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders (so-called “red flag” laws), gun industry accountability, licensing requirements to purchase weapons, and required safety training—including the vast majority of Republicans.

The policy debate is over, and the time for action is now. Americans have made up their minds. As the gun violence prevention movement continues to gain steam, voters will increasingly reject politicians who refuse to engage on such an important issue.

President Donald Trump must speak to his record of inaction on this issue and his plan to keep our families safe from gun violence.

Gun Homicides Increased 34% under Trump
On January 20, 2017, Trump stood on the West Front steps of the Capitol and proclaimed, “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.” He could not have been more wrong. The Trump administration’s record on gun violence is one of abysmal failure. After openly considering popular, commonsense policies like universal background checks, red flag laws, and raising the minimum age for purchasing an assault rifle following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Trump revealed his flimsy backbone when he caved to his benefactors at the NRA. 

Despite his tough talk, America became a much more dangerous place to raise a family during Trump’s presidency. The facts are clear: gun homicides across the country increased from 14,415 in 2016 to 19,384 in 2020—a whopping 34% increase in just four years. This is in addition to Trump’s indefensible allyship with the armed, violent criminals who attacked police and sought to overturn the results of a lawful election. Trump’s record is clear: the failure to take meaningful steps to rein in gun violence casts a dark shadow over his already troubled legacy. Voters deserve to know why a second term would be different—or if it would be more of the same “American carnage.”


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