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Don Bacon

House Nebraska Republican


Gun control is a recipe for only the criminals having guns. I am a member of the NRA and the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association and proud of it.
NRA-Endorsed Nebraska Congressman

Money Received from Gun Lobby

$ 26,900

Kara Eastman

House Nebraska Democrat



By Giffords

We must put the safety of our children above the deep pockets of special interest groups.

Money Received from Gun Lobby

$ 0

About Don Bacon

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During his first term, Don Bacon voted for a concealed-carry reciprocity bill that would allow concealed-carry permit holders to carry concealed guns in any state, regardless of that state’s gun safety laws. He also voted to weaken restrictions on firearm purchases by individuals with mental illnesses, and in an NRA survey, stated that he was against a ban on semiautomatic weapons, universal background checks, and a federal gun database. Fortunately, his time may be up–Bacon is vulnerable in the upcoming election.

Despite his recent attempts to temper his pro-gun positions, pro-gun safety voters in Nebraska know that it’s time to elect a candidate who has supported common-sense gun reform from the beginning.