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John Faso

House New York Republican
18.11 Defeated_John Faso


I’ll oppose and fight against Washington overreach and liberal efforts to trample on our freedoms...

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Antonio Delgado

House New York Democrat



By Giffords

Overall, 35,000 Americans are killed by guns every year. If any disease were this deadly, it would be considered a public health crisis.

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About John Faso

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After the Parkland shooting, John Faso avoided addressing gun safety measures, instead directing criticism at the FBI for failing to prevent the tragedy. That’s because Faso’s record on gun safety is abysmal, having voted to block debate on a bill that would require firearms dealers to wait until a background check is complete before selling a firearm. Just last year, he voted to loosen restrictions on firearm sales to individuals with mental illnesses, and supported concealed-carry reciprocity, something that would undoubtedly make a state like New York, which has some of the strongest gun laws in the country, less safe.

Politicians like Faso–who’s in danger of losing his seat in the upcoming election–must not be allowed to take us backwards on gun safety issues.