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Vern Buchanan

House Florida Republican
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NRA Rating

Has stood firmly by the gun lobby’s side and consistently opposed gun safety measures.

Money Received from Gun Lobby

$ 21,037

David Shapiro

House Florida Democrat



By Giffords

It seems incomprehensible that Congress has not addressed the need for gun safety when so many lives have been lost.

Policy Position

Supports background checks that prevent individuals with mental illnesses from accessing guns, banning assault weapons, and closing gun show loopholes

About Vern Buchanan

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Despite episodes of gun violence in Florida that have claimed countless lives in recent years, Congressman Vern Buchanan has stood firmly on the gun lobby’s side and in opposition to gun safety legislation. Buchanan, who has accepted campaign contributions and an A+ rating from the NRA, has supported loosening restrictions on interstate gun purchases as well as banning gun registration and the trigger lock law in DC. He has also supported allowing veterans to register unlicensed guns acquired abroad. Florida deserves a representative who will take action when our children are in danger.

It’s time to vote Vern Buchanan out of Congress.

Help us elect David Shapiro.