David Chipman

Senior Policy Advisor, Giffords


David Chipman serves as a Senior Policy Advisor at Giffords. In addition, Mr. Chipman currently serves on the Firearms Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Mr. Chipman served 25 years as a special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). During his tenure he disrupted firearms trafficking conspiracies in Virginia supplying illegal guns to New York City, was a member of ATF’s version of SWAT, and later served as the Special Agent in Charge of ATF’s Firearms Programs. During his tenure at the Department of Justice, he received the Attorney General’s Award in the Department of Justice for Outstanding Contributions to Community Partnerships for Public Safety in honor of his efforts leading ATF’s Violent Crime Impact Team (VCIT) program aimed at preventing homicides with guns in targeted U.S. cities.  Originally from metro Detroit, Mr. Chipman is a graduate of American University in Washington, DC and received a Masters Degree in Management from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.