Press Release

Giffords Responds to Shooting of Protestors in Louisville, Kentucky

June 28, 2020— Giffords released the following statement in reaction to an overnight shooting at a Louisville park where crowds were protesting the shooting of Breonna Taylor by police. Other acts of gun violence tore apart communities across the country in the past 24 hours, including in New York, Atlanta, a Walmart distribution center in California, and a bar in Iowa.

Statement from Peter Ambler, Giffords Executive Director:

“This weekend people who came together peacefully to protest police violence and the wrongful death of Breonna Taylor scrambled in terror as gunfire broke out. This tragedy was just another day in America.

“We should not be afraid that our workplaces, schools, or social gatherings will turn into places of violence. As we mourn more lives lost and countless others shattered by gun violence, we must focus our anger and outrage on politicians like Trump and Senate Republicans who refuse to take action on lifesaving gun safety policies supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. Come November, we will honor victims and survivors of gun violence by electing a gun safety president and majorities in the House and Senate that will pass commonsense laws that can save lives.”