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In the face of our country’s gun violence epidemic, our elected leaders have failed us by doing nothing to protect our children. This year it’s time to sweep out gun lobby politicians and bring in gun safety champions with the courage to pass laws that keep guns out of dangerous hands. It’s time to ask our elected officials what they are doing to keep our communities safe. It’s time to use our power and vote for leaders committed to taking action against gun violence. And for those politicians in the iron grip of the gun lobby? It’s time to #VoteThemOut.
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Fighting gun violence takes courage. Help us elect leaders who have the courage to stand up for the vast majority of Americans who want stronger gun laws and will take action to keep our children safe.

Our Champions and Endorsements

Giffords supports leaders from coast to coast who champion common sense gun safety laws. After the Parkland tragedy, Giffords used #VoteCourage to get people to pledge support for candidates who will stand up to the gun lobby and fight for safer communities. Within days, more than 450,000 Americans took the pledge. Learn more about our gun safety champions and endorsed candidates.
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