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Haley Stevens

US House Michigan — 11 Democrat
As the first millennial that Michigan voters ever sent to Congress, Representative Haley Stevens has had to grapple with the deadly realities of gun violence for her entire life. While serving in the Obama administration, she watched as our nation was rocked by the murder of 20 children and six educators in Newtown, Connecticut. As a first-time House candidate, she faced the tragic news of the devastating mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. And just last year, as an incumbent member of Congress, she joined her colleagues in mourning the lives of four students killed at Oxford High School in Oakland County.

One of the central reasons Representative Stevens ran for Congress—in a seat she flipped and has held for two terms—was to keep dangerous weapons out of the communities she represents. On her first day in office, she fulfilled a campaign promise to send a letter to her colleagues calling on them to pass universal background checks and fund gun violence research. Even as the NRA has spent millions of dollars against her, Representative Stevens has voted for every single piece of legislation aimed at reducing gun violence that has come to the House floor. She has spent her tenure in Congress working to enforce the laws we already have on the books and fighting to pass bills focused on cracking down on bump stocks, getting ghost guns off America’s streets, and closing loopholes in the background checks system. 

Representative Haley Stevens is ready to do the hard work of building on legislation like the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act if reelected. In her, Michiganders will always have a champion who puts their safety first. With so much on the line this fall, voters need to mobilize like never before and send Representative Stevens back to Washington DC. With her leading the way, a safe future is possible.

We are proud to endorse Haley Stevens for the US House of Representatives.