taking the fight to the courts

Gun safety laws and the Second Amendment are fully compatible, as the Supreme Court and constitutional experts continue to affirm.

That’s why we’re taking on the gun lobby in courts across the nation, pushing back against meritless lawsuits aimed at undermining gun safety and protecting citizens and local officials with the courage to stand up for a safer America. We’re also chipping away at the unprecedented immunity afforded to the gun industry, making the case that the gun lobby’s special relationship with Congress shouldn’t translate to special treatment under the law. 

Our legal arguments are winning in courts across the country.
We’re determined to keep this momentum going, fighting back against the gun lobby’s reckless campaigns to strike down the laws that keep our families and communities safe.  


Standing Up for Communities

Communities across the country are demanding action on gun violence, and policymakers are listening, passing hundreds of laws that help protect families and save lives. When the gun lobby swoops in to challenge this progress in the courts, the Giffords litigation team is there to help fight back.

From state trial courts all the way to the US Supreme Court, we have taken a leading role in defending lifesaving gun laws, bringing our decades of expertise to bear and countering extremist interpretations of the Second Amendment.

Our experts are working with pro bono firms and leading scholars to make clear once and for all that strong gun laws are unquestionably constitutional. We will bring the gun lobby’s harmful and profit-motivated practices to light by holding them accountable before the law, and we will defend the leaders who have shown courage by passing stronger gun laws against entrenched opposition. The stakes are too high to let the gun lobby bully or buy their way out of taking responsibility for their role in the gun violence crisis.

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A joint effort by our country’s premier gun violence prevention organizations, the Firearms Accountability Counsel Taskforce works with the nation’s preeminent law firms to challenge the gun lobby in court and protect Americans’ most fundamental freedom—the right to live.

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Need a hand fighting the gun lobby in court? Whether it’s empowering survivors to fight back against harmful laws or helping government officials defend lifesaving gun policies, the Giffords litigation team is here to help.