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Colorado lawmakers have enacted a number of strong gun safety laws, despite facing reactionary recall petitions, and should keep up the fight to save lives. 

In recent years, Colorado has passed important legislation to strengthen its gun safety laws, including an extreme risk protection order law, stronger protections against domestic violence and hate crimes, and preemption reform. In 2021, Colorado had the 19th highest gun death rate among the states. Colorado exports roughly the same number of crime guns as it imports.

What Colorado Does Well

  • Universal background checks
  • Extreme risk protection orders
  • Certain domestic violence gun laws
  • Large capacity magazine ban
  • Child access prevention law
  • Waiting periods
  • State database background checks
  • Extended background check period
  • Disarming procedures
  • Lost & stolen firearm reporting
  • Significant local regulation
  • Community Violence Intervention Funding
  • Victims’ Access to Justice
  • Minimum age restrictions
  • Some hate crime sale prohibitions
  • Ghost gun regulations

What Colorado is Missing

  • Gun owner licensing
  • Assault weapon restrictions
  • Hate crime possession prohibitions
  • Gun dealer regulations
  • Open carry regulations
  • Microstamping



The data is clear: states with stronger gun laws have less gun violence. See how your state compares in our annual ranking.

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We’re in this together. To build a safer America—one where children and parents in every neighborhood can learn, play, work, and worship without fear of gun violence—we need you standing beside us in this fight.