Centering the stories of those who have been most impacted by gun violence is essential to our work at Giffords. We are founded and led by survivors, and we work to uplift the voices of those whose lives have been forever changed by gun violence.

We use the term survivor to refer to anyone whose life has been irreparably changed by gun violence. We understand that gun violence creates lasting trauma, and we support survivors by connecting them with the resources they need to heal, share their story, and demand change. Our work focuses on policy, intervention, and prevention—and no one understands the importance of this work better than survivors.

To end gun violence, we need to end the cycle of trauma and violence that is at the center of this epidemic—and that means lifting up the experiences of survivors and supporting them in their healing and advocacy. 




From Healing to Action: A Toolkit for Survivors was created in partnership with Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, who lost their daughter Jesse in the 2012 Aurora, CO, shooting, to guide survivors through the aftermath of gun violence. Using the voices of other gun violence survivors, they’ve outlined helpful tools for navigating those first few weeks after tragedy and using your voice to advocate for change.     

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Our founder, Gabby Giffords, is a survivor of gun violence. After she was shot in the head in 2011, she began her long, ongoing recovery process. Two years later, after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, she knew she had to take action to end gun violence—and she did, starting by founding Giffords. And she’s not the only one: the founders of what would become Giffords Law Center are also survivors, establishing the original organization in 1993 after a gunman opened fire at a law firm.

As a gun violence prevention organization, we have a variety of resources available for survivors of gun violence. We can serve as a source to learn more about what others have gone through, an outlet through which to share your story, a guide as you enter or continue the fight to end gun violence, and so much more. Whether you would like to take concrete political action or connect with other survivors, we are here to help.

We are fighting to ensure that survivor voices are centered in this movement. We hope these resources are useful to you, to those around you, and to all who have experienced the lasting trauma of gun violence. 

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Gun violence is an all-too-familiar issue for many Americans—and we deserve better.  If you or a loved one has been impacted by gun violence, please consider joining Giffords in this fight. We’d love to hear from you and direct you to any relevant opportunities, resources, or events.