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Passing gun safety laws isn’t enough—these laws must be effectively and equitably implemented in order to save lives.

Just as there is no one cause of gun violence, there is no single solution that will end all gun violence. Each type of gun violence calls for a diverse set of policies and tools that can be applied to prevent and intervene most effectively. Learn more by accessing our new Implementation Toolkit for Gun Safety Laws.


Robust implementation of gun safety laws and community-based approaches to violence prevention is critical to ensuring that policies and procedures are shared widely, understood sufficiently, and resourced appropriately. Policies should also be developed with input from a diverse set of stakeholders and applied fairly in order to prevent unintended negative consequences. 

Giffords has extensive experience working with policymakers, communities, and organizations on implementing gun laws. We convene stakeholders, provide examples of policies, and offer technical assistance and training to address specific issues, concerns, and challenges. We’re also committed to identifying connections between various types of gun violence to support effective interventions and coordination among key stakeholders.

In addition to the resources here, our reports provide examples of how various policies and approaches have been or could be implemented, including, for example, use of extreme risk protection orders in Broward County, Florida, and the results of community violence prevention work in Oakland, California.


Interested in partnering with us to draft, enact, or implement lifesaving gun safety legislation in your community? Our attorneys provide free assistance to lawmakers, public officials, and advocates working toward solutions to the gun violence crisis.



Gun violence costs our nation 40,000 lives each year. We can’t sit back as politicians fail to act tragedy after tragedy. Giffords Law Center brings the fight to save lives to communities, statehouses, and courts across the country—will you stand with us?