We’re not just fighting for gun safety—we’re winning. Our victories lead to lifesaving action and progress.

To pass gun safety laws, we need gun safety champions in office. And over the past few years, we’ve elected more than ever before. These victories have produced tangible results.

In 2018, we won back the US House of Representatives, enabling the passage of the first major gun safety legislation in years.

Our work in the 2018 midterm elections

Action by the 116th Congress

In 2019, we flipped the Virginia General Assembly, ushering in a long awaited era of progress on guns in the NRA’s home state. 

The midterm elections proved that the politics of gun safety have shifted in favor of those fighting for safety, not the gun lobby. Their triumph in 2018 fueled further success the following year in the NRA’s home state. 

Our Work in the 2019 Virginia elections

Action by the Virginia General Assembly 

  • New gun safety majority announced plans to act after previous lawmakers failed following Virginia Tech, Virginia Beach, and other tragedies. 
  • The general assembly passed seven landmark gun safety bills and the governor signed them into law.
  • New laws enacted include extreme risk protection orders, expanded background checks, disarming domestic abusers, one handgun a month, lost or stolen firearms reporting, child access prevention, and more.
  • Nearly $3M to fund community violence intervention programs statewide.

In 2020, we’ll continue this string of victories by defeating Donald Trump and electing gun safety majorities to both chambers of Congress.

This new Congress will take the action so many Americans have been demanding for years—finally passing universal background checks through both the House and Senate and signing this lifesaving legislation into law nationwide. 

Our elections work shows that progress is possible when we stand up for public safety and common sense. If you’re with us in this fight, join us on the road to Election Day. 


Gun violence costs our nation 40,000 lives each year. We can’t sit back as politicians fail to act tragedy after tragedy. Giffords brings the fight to save lives to communities, courthouses, and ballot boxes across the country—will you stand with us?