A future without violence—un futuro sin violencia—that’s what we’re fighting for.

Giffords Florida is going on the road with a simple message: it’s time to build a safer future, and each of us can play a role. 

Gun violence is on the rise in Florida, but it doesn’t have to be. Our bus tour is criss-crossing the state to raise awareness of how every Floridian can take action to make our communities safer from preventable violence.

Find Us on the Road

Gun safety is on the ballot this election year. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to support candidates up and down the ballot who have the courage to fight gun violence and keep Floridians safe from preventable violence.

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Supporting Gun Safety Champions

Our goal with this bus tour is to remind every voter that gun violence is a problem we can solve—but only if we elect leaders with the courage to act. That’s why we’re highlighting gun safety champions up and down the ballot. One of the most consequential races this year, not just in Florida but nationwide, is for US Senate in Florida.We’re proud to support Val Demings, one of the most dedicated public servants in this country. She served in law enforcement for 27 years, including as Orlando’s Police Chief, showing a deep commitment to working with community members to reduce gun violence and crime. Now as a member of Congress, Congresswoman Demings has championed commonsense gun safety laws, putting the lives of her constituents ahead of gun lobby interests. As senator, Congresswoman Demings will work just as hard to make sure we pass the lifesaving gun safety legislation Floridians desperately need.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio says one thing and does another. After Pulse, Parkland, and countless other tragedies, Rubio promised action to fight gun violence. But time and time again, he has opposed lifesaving gun safety bills, including the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act signed into law this year. Florida deserves a leader who will fight for our safety, not more campaign money from the NRA—and that leader is Val Demings.




La seguridad con armas de fuego es un asunto Latino. Los hispanos y latinoamericanos son impactados de manera desproporcionada. Giffords está comprometida a apoyar y defender las políticas, candidatos politicos y leyes que acabarán con esta crisis. 


Historic Investment in Florida

In 2022, Giffords Florida invested more than $1 million in Florida this year. Floridians know the consequences of gun violence all too well, from high-profile tragedies at Pulse and Parkland to everyday violence that rarely makes the news. In fact, 85% of Latino and Hispanic communities in battleground states, including Florida, call gun violence either a crisis or a major issue. Through our combined efforts, we sent a clear message that politicians like Senator Rubio, who consistently refuse to support bipartisan, commonsense gun safety reforms deserve to be held accountable.

Prior to the launch of Giffords Florida, Giffords had already built a strong foundation in the Sunshine State. In December 2021, Giffords hosted a Gun Violence Memorial at Bayfront Park in Miami and endorsed Val Demings for US Senate. Earlier this year, Giffords partnered with the Miami Heat on a campaign to end gun violence and Giffords Florida Senior Advisor Debbie Mucarsel-Powell worked alongside the families of Marjory Stoneman Douglas victims to call for gun safety reforms. In March of 2022, Giffords teamed up with Public Policy Polling on a survey which found that 69% of Floridians would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports background checks. In June, Giffords hosted a bilingual telephone town hall on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act for Miami Dade County residents. Giffords also created a Spanish Language Hub as a way to connect with Spanish speakers interested in learning more about gun safety reform.


We’re building a movement of Americans committed to gun safety. Democrats and Republicans, gun owners and non–gun owners alike—we stand united to reject the gun lobby and pass lifesaving gun safety laws.