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GUN SAFETY VICTORY: Gun Safety Champion Josh Shapiro Elected as Governor of Pennsylvania

Defeats Radical, Gun Lobby-Backed Doug Mastriano

Washington DC — Today, Giffords PAC, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, congratulated Governor-elect Josh Shapiro on his victory. Giffords PAC endorsed Governor-elect Shapiro in April and joined Lieutenant Governor-elect Austin Davis for a campaign event in September.

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords:

“Governor-elect Josh Shapiro has spent his career advocating for gun safety and delivering real results to the people of Pennsylvania. As attorney general, he partnered with local law enforcement to take thousands of illegal guns off Pennsylvania streets and fought to close the ghost gun loophole. As rates of gun violence continue to rise, the election of Governor Shapiro represents a critical step towards addressing this dangerous epidemic. Congratulations to Governor-elect Shaprio on his victory—Giffords looks forward to working with him to create a safer future for Pennsylvanian families.”

As attorney general, Shapiro partnered with local law enforcement to take thousands of illegal guns off Pennsylvania streets, fought to close the ghost gun loophole, and launched a Track and Trace Initiative to go after gun trafficking and illegal transfers. When extremist groups challenged Pennsylvania’s law prohibiting people under 21 from carrying concealed firearms during a state of emergency, Shapiro also defended this longstanding, modest, and commonsense measure. As governor, Shapiro will continue taking on the big fights to protect Pennsylvanians and deliver real results that save lives. Governor-elect Shapiro defeated extremist Dough Mastriano, who was in the pocket of the gun lobby.

As rates of gun violence spike to record highs, electing gun safety governors has become absolutely essential. Pennsylvania was a top priority for Giffords in 2022 and hosted key campaign events throughout the cycle, including a gun safety forum to provide candidates with a meaningful opportunity to directly engage voters and present their plans to address the state’s gun violence epidemic. Giffords PAC also spent $2.5 million on TV and digital ads in the state. Earlier this year Giffords conducted polling that shows Pennsylvania voters support stronger gun laws.


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