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Business leaders have a critical role to play in making workplaces and communities safer. We’re bringing companies together to save lives from gun violence. 

The GIFFORDS Impact Network offers corporate partners tailored support and custom opportunities for business leaders to take action on gun safety—publicly or privately—in ways that advance their values and bring employees, customers, and communities together. 


Americans are committed to fighting gun violence, and they expect the companies they support to make the same commitment to justice and public safety. To join Giffords as a corporate partner, email our team at

Partner with US


We are grateful for the courage of our founding Impact Network Partners. 


GIFFORDS Impact Network partners make annual investments in our work and receive tailored support from our team of policy and advocacy experts, including: 

  • Internal and external message guidance on how to talk about gun safety, including in the wake of tragedies and bipartisan reform efforts. 
  • Federal, state, and local policy and legislative advocacy recommendations to shape corporate commitments related to reducing gun violence. 
  • Employee engagement and volunteer opportunities, like hosting town halls with Gabby Giffords to inform employees and raise awareness. 
  • Thought leadership opportunities to raise CEO and executive profiles. 
  • Convenings to connect with other business leaders, lawmakers, and community leaders to advance gun safety reforms.
  • Internal policy guidance to shape company and industry protocols based on current federal and state gun safety laws with employee and customer safety in mind. 
  • Quarterly engagement opportunities, either in-person or virtual.  
  • Invitations to events such as GIFFORDS Law Center’s Anniversary Celebration and the annual Community Violence Intervention Summit.

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Over 20,000 companies offer a matching gift program, but 78% of eligible donors don’t know their companies participate. Learn more about matching gifts and see if your company will match your gift!

Locate your company’s matching gift guidelines and submit your request. 


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Saving lives from gun violence isn’t only the responsibility of politicians or private citizens—more and more, the private sector is showing the courage to fight for a safer future. New research shows that customers want companies to take clear, decisive action on the social issues that matter to everyday Americans.

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