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Nebraska generally does not require firearms in vehicles to be unloaded or locked, although Nebraska prohibits carrying a loaded shotgun in or on any vehicle on any highway.1

If the vehicle is in a safe school zone, a person may still possess a firearm within the vehicle if 1) he or she is an adult nonstudent and the firearm is unloaded and encased or in a locked gun rack in or on the vehicle; or 2) he or she is a concealed handgun permit holder and the handgun is carried concealed.2

Nebraska law generally allows a concealed handgun permit holder to carry a concealed handgun on or about their person in a vehicle, even in the parking area of a location where concealed handgun possession is generally prohibited. The only requirement is that, prior to exiting the vehicle, the permit holder must lock the handgun inside the glove box, trunk or other compartment of the vehicle, or a storage box securely attached to the vehicle.3 Legislation enacted in 2021 also generally authorizes people who do not have concealed carry permits to store or transport a firearm in a motor vehicle for any lawful purpose, or transport the firearm directly to or from a motor vehicle to or from any place where the person may lawfully possess or carry that firearm, if the firearm is unloaded, kept separate from ammunition, and enclosed in a case.4 A “case” for these purposes, is defined as either “(i) a hard-sided or soft-sided box, container, or receptacle intended or designed for the primary purpose of storing or transporting a firearm or (ii) the firearm manufacturer’s original packaging.”5

An employer may prohibit permit holders from carrying concealed handguns in vehicles owned by the employer.6

Nebraska prohibits the possession of a shotgun or rimfire rifle while operating or riding on a snowmobile unless the long gun is unloaded and enclosed in a carrying case.7 The state also prohibits the owner of a snowmobile from allowing any person to operate the snowmobile while possessing a shotgun or rifle unless the shotgun or rifle is unloaded and encased.8


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