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Massachusetts law prohibits any person from using a Firearm Identification Card (FID) or license to carry for the purpose of purchasing a firearm for the unlawful use of another, or for resale of a firearm or giving a firearm to an unlicensed person.1

Massachusetts prohibits a person from giving a false or fictitious name or address or knowingly offering or giving false information concerning the date or place of birth, his or her citizenship status, occupation, or criminal record when purchasing, renting or hiring a firearm, or making application for any form of firearm license or permit.2 Massachusetts also generally prohibits knowingly filing an application for an FID containing false information.3

A state administrative regulation confirms the federal requirement that a gun dealer conduct a background check on the purchaser.4

In 2014, Massachusetts also enacted a law requiring the local firearm licensing authority to trace firearms used to carry out crimes and report statistical data about the firearms and crimes in which they were used to the Department of State Police.5 The Colonel of State Police shall produce an annual report regarding crimes committed using firearms that will be submitted to the federal government.6


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