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Mike Coffman

House Colorado Republican
18.11 Defeated_Mike Coffman


There is no way that you can say that no matter what laws you pass that bad things are not going to happen.

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Money Received from Gun Lobby

$ 113,093

Jason Crow

House Colorado Democrat



By Giffords

Policy Position

Pledged to never take a dime from the NRA.
A combat veteran with a comprehensive plan to address gun violence

About Mike Coffman

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Congressman Mike Coffman has the enthusiastic backing of the NRA for his support of concealed carry reciprocity, loosening restrictions of interstate gun sales, and a bill legitimizing hunting and shooting on federal lands. Despite the fact that the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting occurred within Coffman’s district, Congressman Coffman has positioned himself adamantly against gun control efforts, a fact for which he was harshly censured by constituents at a recent town hall. Fortunately, Coffman is in a swing district, making him vulnerable to replacement in the upcoming election.

Now, it’s up to us make sure Colorado gets a leader it deserves: a fearless gun safety champion committed to keeping our schools and communities safe.

Help us elect Jason Crow.