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Oregon law prohibits the intentional possession of a firearm while in or on a “public building.”1 This prohibition does not apply to persons licensed to carry a concealed handgun.2 “Public building” is defined to include:

  • A hospital;
  • Any “capitol building.”3 People with concealed carry permits are not permitted to carry firearms in the Capitol, however.4
  • A public or private school, the grounds adjacent to each such building, and any site or premises being used exclusively for a student program or activity sponsored or sanctioned by the school. However, schools may elect to prohibit carry by people with permits;5
  • A city hall or the residence of a state official elected by the state at-large;
  • The grounds adjacent to each of the aforementioned buildings;
  • The passenger terminal of a commercial service airport with over one million passenger boardings per year (however, people with concealed carry permits are not allowed to carry in this location)6 and
  • That portion of any other building occupied by an agency of the state or certain municipal corporations, other than a court facility.7

Any person who intentionally possesses a firearm in a court facility is criminally liable for a felony and must surrender that firearm to a law enforcement officer unless the presiding judge has entered an order permitting the possession of specified weapons in a court facility.8

Any local correctional facility, lockup facility or temporary hold must prohibit firearms from the security area of the facility except in times of emergency as determined by the facility’s administrator.9

Oregon also prohibits the knowing possession of a firearm in a restricted access area of specified commercial airports.10

Oregon has no statutes prohibiting firearms in the following places, although administrative regulations may apply:

  • Parks;
  • Places of worship;
  • Bars or restaurants where alcohol is served;
  • Sports arenas;
  • Certain gambling facilities; or
  • Polling places.


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