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North Dakota law requires a person carrying a handgun that is not in plain view between the hours of one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset to carry it unloaded and “secured.” At other times (between the hours of one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise), any handgun that is being carried, even one that is in plain view, must be unloaded and “secured.”1

“Secured” means:

  • Closed into a trunk or non-passenger part of a vehicle;
  • Placed into a closed and secure carrying device;
  • Rendered inoperative by use of a trigger, hammer, cylinder, slide, or barrel-locking device that renders the firearm incapable of firing until the device is unlocked and removed; or
  • So disassembled or disabled as to be rendered incapable of firing.2

This requirement does not apply to concealed weapons licensees and certain other individuals.3 See the North Dakota Carrying Firearms section above for a complete list of exceptions. North Dakota has no law requiring firearms owners to lock their weapons while not in public.


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