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Jason Lewis

House Minnesota Republican
18.11 Defeated_Jason Lewis


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Once referred to as “Minnesota's greatest proponent of anything-goes gun laws”

Money Received from Gun Lobby

$ 10,450

Angie Craig

House Minnesota Democrat



By Giffords

There is no reason we can’t work to address this issue while protecting our Second Amendment rights. That’s why I support commonsense measures...

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About Jason Lewis

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In 2017, Jason Lewis supported a concealed carry reciprocity act that would allow gun owners with a concealed-carry permit in one state to carry a concealed firearm in any other state, regardless of that state’s gun laws. Lewis also has opposed common sense gun safety laws such as universal background checks, and has even voted to roll back restrictions on gun purchases by those deemed mentally unfit. Minnesota needs a leader who can protect children, schools, and families from violence.

Jason Lewis has shown he is not that leader—it’s time to vote him out.

Help us elect Angie Craig.