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Mimi Walters

House California Republican
18.11 Defeated_Mimi Walters


Proud to be the officially endorsed candidate by the @NRA for #CA45!
Supports “school security” over gun reform

Money Received from Gun Lobby

$ 19,550

Katie Porter

House California Democrat



By Giffords

Consumer protection attorney and mother of three

Money Received from Gun Lobby

$ 0

About Mimi Walters

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Even in California, where strong gun laws have proven effective in reducing gun-related deaths, Mimi Walters has stood in the way of progress. In 2017, Walters voted to weaken laws prohibiting people with mental illnesses from purchasing firearms. She also voted against an expansion of the definition of military-style assault rifle. And rather than supporting common-sense gun reform in the wake of the Parkland shooting, Mimi Walters fell in line with other gun safety opponents in supporting ineffective measures like school security enhancement, rather than proactive gun control policies. It’s time for the 73% of California voters who support stronger gun safety measures to elect a representative that cares about keeping children safe.

In November, it’s time to vote Mimi Walters out.