Press Release

STATEMENT: ARS PAC Endorses Phil Murphy For Governor

August 24, 2017 — Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and retired NASA astronaut Captain Mark Kelly, announced today their endorsement of New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy for Governor. Phil Murphy has been a strong advocate for responsible gun violence prevention policies, and has made his long-standing commitment to the issue a hallmark of his gubernatorial campaign.

Captain Mark Kelly:

“New Jersey’s next governor will have an important role in combatting gun violence and advancing solutions to make communities safer and we believe Phil is best qualified to take on that important challenge. Phil Murphy understands the importance of protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners and keeping guns out of the hands of violent felons, domestic abusers, and other dangerous people.

“In 2015, over 36,000 Americans were killed by a gun. New Jersey has not been immune to this deadly crisis: somebody is killed with a gun in New Jersey every 18 hours. As Governor, Phil Murphy will work across the aisle to push for commonsense measures that prohibit individuals who are in danger of hurting themselves or others from possessing firearms, strengthen the background check system, and improve the availability of firearms safety technology. Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC is proud to endorse Phil Murphy, a leader who will stand up to the corporate gun lobby and will never stop working to make New Jersey communities safer.”

Phil Murphy:

“For the past eight years, Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno put standing with the gun lobby to weaken New Jersey’s gun laws before standing with the majority of New Jerseyans who want sensible gun safety reforms. I pledge that I will be an entirely different type of governor. We must end the ‘us versus them’ politics that too many preach, especially on the topic of gun safety. New Jersey can, and must, be a national role model in changing this critical debate. And we must be where we prove that sensible gun safety laws can prevent violence while protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding residents. I thank Captain Kelly — a New Jersey native and son of West Orange police officers — and Americans for Responsible Solutions not only for their endorsement, but for the good work they are doing to promote commonsense gun safety laws to protect all of our communities.”