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Giffords Commends Formation of Gun Violence Prevention Caucus in Colorado

Denver, CO — Today, Giffords, the gun safety organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, applauded the formation of a new Gun Violence Prevention Caucus in Colorado. The horrific attack against the Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ community over the weekend reiterates the importance of this caucus. 

The caucus, formed by Representative Meg Froelich and Senator-elect Tom Sullivan and other members of the Colorado legislature, will prioritize legislation that addresses gun violence with proven, equitable, and evidence-based solutions that will save lives and make Colorado communities safer. 

“We are extremely grateful for the leadership of Representative Froelich, Senator-elect Sullivan, and other members of the legislature,” said Agustin Cabrera, Giffords State Legislative Manager. “Colorado has experienced too many tragedies, and Coloradans are tired of the senseless gun violence that destroys their communities. The formation of this caucus is a critical step in the fight to save lives. We look forward to continuing our work with the caucus to ensure the safety of communities throughout Colorado.”

“The formation of the Gun Violence Prevention Caucus is a huge step forward in the fight against gun violence. Thanks to the brave leadership of these members, we can make sure that Colorado does the necessary work of protecting communities and making us all safer,” said Peter Gurfein, Vice President of Giffords Gun Owners for Safety Colorado Chapter. 

Giffords and Giffords Gun Owners for Safety have worked with state legislators to pass meaningful gun safety laws to address background checks and large-capacity ammunition magazines, as well as laws to require the reporting of a lost or stolen firearm and establish extreme risk protection orders. Most recently, after a mass shooting in Boulder, legislators passed laws to establish an Office of Gun Violence Prevention and close the Charleston Loophole, as well as enact a law to allow municipalities to regulate their own gun laws

During the 2022 election, Giffords PAC released two compelling newTV ads criticizing the Republican nominee for Senate in Colorado, Joe O’Dea, for his opposition to commonsense gun safety reforms. Giffords PAC spent $2.5 million airing the ads and a previously released ad over broadcast, cable, and digital platforms. Alongside the ads, Giffords PAC endorsed a slate of gun safety champions in Colorado, which included the endorsement of Representative Meg Froelich, Senator-elect Tom Sullivan, Representative Monica Duran, and Representative Jennifer Bacon, all of whom contributed to the formation of the caucus. 

Recent polling from the Pew Research Center and the Associated Press showed that gun safety is a top concern for voters. In Colorado, a recent poll found that gun violence is a top concern among Latinos in the state, with 83% saying they fear their child could be the victim of a mass shooting. This same poll found that 85% of Latinos in Colorado support universal background checks for all firearm sales, in line with the AP poll showing 85% of all Americans support universal federal background checks.


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