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Steve Knight

House California Republican
18.11 Defeated_Steve Knight


Criminals, by their very nature, ignore laws. Creating more gun laws has never and will never reduce crime.

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Money Received from Gun Lobby

$ 15,054

Katie Hill

House California Democrat



By Giffords

Policy Position

Supports banning bump stocks and raising the minimum age to purchase firearms.

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About Steve Knight

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Since getting elected in 2014, Steve Knight has repeatedly opposed gun restriction laws aimed at keeping California’s schools and streets safe. Instead, he has cosponsored nationwide concealed carry reciprocity, opposed a federal gun database, and voted against a bill that would expand the definition of assault rifles. After the Parkland shooting, Knight’s own constituents marched to protest his opposition to gun safety laws. Knight has been marked as one of the most vulnerable congressmen in the country after his district shifted from a Republican majority to a Democratic majority in recent years.

Get the facts on Steve Knight’s abysmal gun safety record. This year, let’s make sure he can no longer stand in the way of progress towards gun safety.