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North Carolina requires people who have become subject to domestic violence protective orders to surrender their firearms under certain circumstances. For further information, see the section entitled Domestic Violence and Firearms in North Carolina.

North Carolina law also requires sheriffs to revoke pistol permits (handgun purchase permits) from people who become prohibited from possessing them.1 As discussed on the Licensing in North Carolina page, North Carolina generally requires a “pistol purchase permit” in order to lawfully purchase a handgun.2 That permit can be used to buy one handgun, or expires after five years if it is never used.3 Under North Carolina law, upon the occurrence of any event that renders an active pistol permit holder ineligible to possess the permit, a sheriff is required to provide written notice that the permit has been revoked.4 If a law enforcement officer serves the notice, the officer may take immediate possession of the permit; if the notice is served by someone else or in some other manner, the permit holder will be required to relinquish the purchase permit to the sheriff within 48 hours after receiving the notice.5

However, North Carolina has no other law requiring the disarming of individuals who have become prohibited from possessing firearms, including those who have had to relinquish their pistol purchase permits.


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