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In recent years, Rhode Island has passed legislation to create a standard, enforceable process for disarming certain people convicted of domestic abuse as well as people subject to extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs). Rhode Island has no law requiring firearm relinquishment by other people who have become prohibited from possessing them.

Disarming Domestic Violence Offenders

In 2017, Rhode Island comprehensively strengthened its laws governing firearm relinquishment by people convicted of domestic violence crimes or subject to domestic violence protective orders. See the Rhode Island Domestic Violence and Firearms section for further information about these laws.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

In 2018, Rhode Island also enacted an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law, which authorizes law enforcement agencies to petition a court for a civil order preventing a person who poses an imminent risk to self or others from accessing firearms for up to one year. See the Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Rhode Island page for further information about this law.


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