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Federal law requires firearms dealers to obtain a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF), although resource limitations prevent the ATF from properly overseeing all its licensees.

In Georgia, any person, firm, retail dealer, wholesale dealer, pawnbroker, or corporation who sells, disposes of, or offers for sale or causes or permits to be sold, disposed of, or offered for sale any pistol or revolver or short-barreled firearm of less than 15 inches in length, whether the firearm is the seller’s own property or whether the person selling the firearm is an agent or employee of the owner, must obtain a license from the Georgia Department of Public Safety permitting the sale of such firearms.1 The application must be accompanied by a sworn affidavit stating that the applicant is a United States citizen, is at least age 21, and has not been convicted of a felony.2 Licenses are valid for one year.3 There is an annual license fee of $25 for the owner of any sales establishment, and an annual employee license fee of $3.4 The application must include a copy of a current federal firearms dealer license.5 In 2010, Georgia repealed a requirement that the application must also be accompanied by a bond for the sum of $1,000 conditioned upon the faithful performance of the requirements of Georgia law.

The above-mentioned requirements, as well as the other dealer licensing regulations contained in Georgia law, do not apply to or prohibit the casual sale of firearms between individuals or bona fide gun collectors.6

Licensees must keep the license itself conspicuously displayed on their business premises.7

For information about the Georgia laws:

• Requiring federally licensed dealers to conduct background checks on firearm purchasers, see the Georgia Background Checks section.

• Requiring dealers to maintain records of sales, see the Georgia Retention of Sales / Background Check Records section.

• Applicable to both licensed and private firearm sellers, see the Georgia Private Sales section.


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