Press Release

New Survey Reveals Colorado Voters Overwhelmingly Want State Lawmakers to Prioritize Gun Safety Laws in 2019

Washington, DC — A new survey released today details how Colorado voters overwhelmingly want state lawmakers to prioritize gun safety laws during the 2019 legislative session. The poll, released by Giffords, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Captain Mark Kelly, showed that if state lawmakers push for passage of five key gun violence prevention measures this year voters would be more likely to support them. All five of the initiatives were backed by 70 percent or more of the respondents who live in a household with a gun.

“In Colorado, voters want to know where their legislators stand and that they are committed to taking basic steps to keep streets, schools, and workplaces safer,” said Nico Bocour, State Legislative Director of Giffords. “This year Colorado state lawmakers can be the kind of leaders who show courage and remain dedicated to passing stronger laws that save lives.”

“The results of this poll show that Colorado voters are eager for common sense gun reforms,” said Eileen McCarron, President of Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action. “We look forward to working with advocates and legislators as they take action to pass gun reforms to move Colorado forward.”

“I support keeping our communities and schools safe from senseless gun violence and the public agrees,” said State Senator Rhonda Fields. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to enact responsible laws that will protect Colorado families.”

The poll underscored the desire of Colorado voters to see gun safety be a signature issue for the 2019 Colorado state legislature. 72 percent of all respondents said they would be more likely to vote for their state lawmaker if they backed the five proposals in the poll, which ranged from an extreme risk protection order to requiring that gun owners report lost or stolen guns to the police.

The five policies the survey asked Colorado voters about are:

  • Gun safety class for a concealed carry permit: Training on how to use and fire a gun can help improve gun safety for those who desire a concealed carry permit. The law requiring completion of a live-fire training gun safety class to get a concealed carry permit is supported nearly universally by 9-of-10 Colorado voters.

  • Secure gun storage for gun store dealers: Securely storing guns when businesses are closed can help improve gun safety because it prevents gun theft. The law that requires gun stores and gun dealers to securely store their guns when they are not open for business is supported by a majority – 88% – of Colorado voters.

  • Report a lost or stolen gun: Requiring the reporting of lost or stolen guns can help improve gun safety by preventing the illegal sale or transfer of guns. The law requiring all gun owners to report a lost or stolen gun to the police is supported by 87% of Colorado voters.

  • Prohibit the sale or transfer of a gun to anyone convicted of a violent misdemeanor: Making it harder for those convicted of a violent misdemeanor crime to obtain a gun can help reduce gun crimes. The law that prohibits the sale or transfer of a gun to anyone who has been convicted of a violent misdemeanor crime – including assault, battery, stalking or hate crimes is supported by 8-of-10 (79%) of Colorado voters.

  • Extreme Risk Protection Order: Temporarily removing guns from those who are at risk to themselves or others can help prevent gun violence before they commit it. The law that would allow a judge to temporarily remove guns from people who are determined to be a risk to themselves or a threat to others is supported by 79% of Colorado voters.

The poll was conducted by Keating Research on behalf of Giffords. The survey was comprised of 600 active voters across Colorado between December 6-11 of 2018.