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Florida law prohibits the possession of ammunition by the same persons who are directly prohibited by Florida law from possessing firearms, although the persons who are prevented from obtaining firearms through the background check process required by Florida law are not similarly prevented from obtaining ammunition.1 The federal ammunition purchaser prohibitions also apply.

Florida prohibits the manufacture, sale or delivery of any armor-piercing bullet or exploding bullet, or “dragon’s breath” shotgun shell, bolo shell, or flechette shell.2 The state also prohibits the possession of an armor-piercing bullet or exploding bullet with knowledge of its armor-piercing or exploding capabilities loaded in a handgun, and the possession of a dragon’s breath shotgun shell, bolo shell, or flechette shell with knowledge of its capabilities loaded in any firearm.3 Each of these terms is defined.4 The definition of “armor-piercing bullet” differs from the definition of “armor-piercing ammunition” in federal law, which also restricts the manufacture, sale, importation and delivery of such ammunition.

Florida law does not:

  • Require a license for the sale of ammunition;
  • Require a license for the purchase or possession of ammunition;
  • Require sellers of ammunition to maintain a record of the purchasers;
  • Require the safe storage of ammunition; or
  • Restrict the locations where ammunition may be carried.


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