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North Carolina prohibits any person from importing, manufacturing, possessing, storing, transporting, selling, offering to sell, purchasing, offering to purchase, delivering, giving or acquiring any teflon-coated bullet.1 This prohibition does not apply to the following individuals:

  • Licensed importers, manufacturers, and dealers for the purpose of sale to authorized law-enforcement agencies; or
  • Inventors, designers, ordinance consultants and researchers, chemists, physicists, and other persons employed by or under contract with a manufacturing company engaged in making or doing research designed to enlarge knowledge or to facilitate the creation, development, or manufacture of more effective police-type body armor.2

North Carolina does not:

  • Require a license for the sale of ammunition;
  • Require sellers of ammunition to maintain a record of the purchasers;
  • Require a license to purchase or possess ammunition; or
  • Prohibit the possession, transfer or use of armor-piercing, although the federal prohibition on certain kinds of armor-piercing ammunition applies.


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