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Child Access Prevention

Kentucky has no law that imposes a penalty on someone who fails to secure an unattended firearm and leaves it accessible to an unsupervised minor, even if a child gains access to the firearm and causes an injury or death.

However, Kentucky prohibits any person from intentionally, knowingly or recklessly providing a handgun to a person under age 18 or permitting a person under age 18 to possess a handgun, except in the limited situations where it is legal for the person under 18 to possess a handgun.1

In addition, the state prohibits any parent or guardian of a juvenile from intentionally, knowingly or recklessly providing to the juvenile a handgun or permitting a juvenile to possess a handgun if the parent or guardian:

  • Knows that there is a substantial risk that the juvenile will use a handgun to commit a felony offense;
  • Knows that the juvenile has been convicted of a crime of violence; or
  • Knows the juvenile has been adjudicated a public offender of an offense which would constitute a crime of violence.2

Safe Storage

Kentucky has no law that requires unattended firearms to be stored in a certain way.

Kentucky does not require a locking device to accompany the sale of a firearm, and no state statutes require firearm owners to affirmatively lock their weapons.


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