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Utah does not penalize an adult who recklessly or negligently allows a minor access to a firearm.

Utah prohibits minors under 18 from possessing handguns, and long guns without parental permission or supervision.1 Any parent or guardian of a minor, where the parent or guardian knows that the minor is in possession of a firearm, who fails to make reasonable efforts to remove the firearm from the minor’s possession is criminally liable.2

The state also prohibits a parent or guardian from intentionally or knowingly provide a firearm to, or permit the possession of a firearm by, any minor under age 18 who has been convicted of a violent felony or adjudicated in juvenile court for an offense which would constitute a violent felony if the minor were an adult.3

For age requirements for the purchase or possession of firearms in Utah, see the Utah Minimum Age to Purchase / Possess section


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