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Pursuant to state law, a chief of police must adopt procedures to require that any person granted a license to carry a concealed weapon on the person shall:

(1) Be qualified to use the firearm in a safe manner;

(2) Appear to be a suitable person to be so licensed;

(3) Not be prohibited under state law from the ownership or possession of a firearm [see the Hawaii Background Checks and Hawaii Prohibited Purchasers Generally sections];1 and

(4) Not have been adjudged insane or not appear to be mentally deranged.2

(5) Be a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident, or a duly accredited official representative of a foreign nation, and over 21 years of age.3

A fee of $10 shall be charged for each license.4 Any person carrying a concealed handgun without a license is criminally liable for a misdemeanor and “may be immediately arrested without warrant by any sheriff, police officer, or other officer or person.”5

All licenses to carry a handgun may be revoked for good cause by the issuing authority or by the judge of any court.6

Hawaii law previously required an applicant show “reason to fear injury to the applicant’s person or property” before obtaining a permit.7 However, in NYSRPA v. Bruen, the Supreme Court struck down New York’s comparable “proper cause” requirement and called out this provision of Hawaii law as problematic.8

Firearm Safety Training

Although Hawaii does not specifically require applicants for licenses to carry firearms to complete firearms safety training, firearms safety training is a pre-requisite to obtaining a permit to purchase or possess a pistol or revolver under state law.9 For additional information, see the Hawaii Licensing of Gun Owners or Purchasers section.

Duration & Renewal

A concealed weapons license is valid for one year from the date of issue.10 The renewal fee is $10.11

Disclosure or Use of Information

Within ten days after the last day of each month, all issuing authorities must report to the Department of the Attorney General all permits and licenses issued or revoked by the authority as of the last day of the preceding month.12


Hawaii has no provisions allowing concealed weapons license holders from other states to carry their concealed firearms in Hawaii.


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