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Michigan does not:

  • Prohibit individuals convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from purchasing or possessing firearms or ammunition, although federal law  applies;
  • Require courts to notify people when they become prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition under state or federal law due to domestic violence;
  • Require the surrender of firearms or ammunition by people who have become prohibited from possessing them under state or federal law due to domestic violence; or
  • Require law enforcement to remove firearms at the scene of a domestic violence incident.

Michigan gives courts discretion to prohibit the purchase or possession of firearms by a person subject to a personal protection order.1

For ex parte personal protection orders, the court must schedule a hearing on the motion to modify or rescind such an order within 14 days after the filing of a motion to modify or rescind.2 If the respondent has a license to carry a concealed weapon and is required to carry a weapon as a condition of his or her employment, and the personal protection order prohibits him or her from purchasing or possessing a firearm, the court is required to schedule a hearing on the motion to modify or rescind the ex parte order within five days after the filing of the motion to modify or rescind.3

In addition, Michigan law prevents any person subject to a domestic violence protective order or protective order against stalking from obtaining a handgun purchase license.4

Note that federal law  prohibits all people subject to domestic violence protective orders issued after notice and a hearing from purchasing or possessing all firearms.

In certain child abuse situations, the court may order the alleged perpetrator to surrender to a local law enforcement agency any firearms or other potentially dangerous weapons the alleged abusive person owns, possesses, or uses.5


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