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 See our Firearm Prohibitions policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

 Federal law prohibits certain persons from purchasing or possessing firearms, such as felons, certain domestic abusers, and certain people with a history of mental illness.

South Dakota law provides that, subject to certain limited exceptions, no person shall possess a firearm if he or she:

  • Has been convicted of a “crime of violence” or one of a list of drug-related felonies in the past 15 years;1
  • Has been convicted of felony possession of a controlled substance or marijuana in South Dakota or of similar felony violations under the laws of another state in the past five years;2
  • Has been convicted of any misdemeanor crime involving an act of domestic violence within the past year;3 or
  • Is under the age of 18.4

For information on the background check process used to enforce these provisions, see the South Dakota Background Checks section.

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